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Our pieces in real life

Carly Rae Jepsen in the Soy Camisole

Lilian in her Camilla in Butter

Franki in her Camilla in Milk

Ekaynuh in her Camilla in Milk

Lynn Kim Do in her Panda Dress

Ajla in her Tyr Dress

Jordyn in her Camilla in Milk

Punika in her Camilla Dress in Butter

Monica in her Freya

Sarah Kinsley in her Camilla

Brooklynn Gallagher in her Camilla

Youtuber, Elena Taber in her Freya

Eater Producer Pelin Keskin, in her Celene

Influencer, Katie Olsen in her Celene

Fabric R&D at Rebecca Taylor, Christina wearing her Camilla Dress in Milk

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😇 or 😈 ?

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Influencer, Maristella Gonzalez wearing her Celene Dress in Black

Influencer, Vic Styles wearing her Celene Dress in Midnight Dot

Press Director, Jessica Wu in her Celene Dress
Conde Nast's Video Editor, Mi-Anne Chan in her Celene Dress for NYE

Influencer, YouMe wearing her Celene Dress for NYE

Actress/Influencer, Lynn Kim Do in her Celene Dress for NYE

InStyle Magazine Editor, Tara Gonzalez in her Celene Dress

InStyle Magazine Editor, Tara Gonzalez in her Freya Set in Spearmint

Vogue Editor, Naomi Elizeé and Florist, Ryan Norville wearing their Rhea Dresses in Milk

Refinery29 Editor, Cortne Bonilla wearing her Rhea Dress in Milk

ManRepeller Editor, Elizabeth Tamkin wearing her Freya Top in Spearmint

Singer, Valentina in her Rhea in Black

Conde Nast's Video Director, Mi-Anne Chan wearing her Rhea Dress in Milk

Influencer, Laura wearing her Persephone in Grapefruit

Actress & Influencer, Lynn Kim Do wearing her Rhea Dress in Milk

Popsugar Editor, Sarah wearing her Freya Top in Spearmint

Vogue Editor, Maddie wearing her Freya Set in Oxford

Health Influencer, Anna Marie Reilly wearing her Freya Set in Slipper

Influencer, Laura Jung wearing her Freya Set in Oxford

Vogue Editor, Naomi Elizeé wearing her Rhea Dress in Milk

Influencer, Marie Novosad wearing her Rhea Dress in Milk

Singer, Savannah Outen wearing her Rhea Dress in Milk

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