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Our pieces in real life

Meicrosoft in her Babylon Bustier

Torchi in her Castell Top

Stephanie Arant in her Castell Top & Mini Break Skirt

Viv in her Edamame Skirt

Francine in her Panda Dress

Magdalene in the Kali Top

Chloe in the Break Skirt

Paige in the Dancer Skirt

Jane in the Break Skirt

Maggie in the Degas Dress

Zoey in the Dancer Skirt

Leanna in her Chai Dress in Yolk

Ysenia in her Tyr Dress in Milk Eyelet

Shauan in her Tyr Dress

Shelby in her Sol Skirt in Butter

Yursa in her Sigrun Top

Hitomi in her Camilla Dress in Butter

Bella in her Buddy Dress

Hannah in her Freya Top

Carly Rae Jepsen in the Soy Camisole

Lilian in her Camilla in Butter

Franki in her Camilla in Milk

Ekaynuh in her Camilla in Milk

Lynn Kim Do in her Panda Dress

Ajla in her Tyr Dress

Jordyn in her Camilla in Milk

Punika in her Camilla Dress in Butter

Monica in her Freya

Sarah Kinsley in her Camilla

Youtuber, Elena Taber in her Freya

Eater Producer Pelin Keskin, in her Celene

Influencer, Katie Olsen in her Celene

Fabric R&D at Rebecca Taylor, Christina wearing her Camilla Dress in Milk

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😇 or 😈 ?

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Influencer, Maristella Gonzalez wearing her Celene Dress in Black

Influencer, Vic Styles wearing her Celene Dress in Midnight Dot

Press Director, Jessica Wu in her Celene Dress